I am a 21 year old self-taught Artist, Graphic Designer, and entrepreneur.

I pent most of my life in Columbia Maryland, where I grew up. After graduating high school in 2015, I moved to Fort worth, where I was soon to start my art and design career. I graduated from Remington college in January 2018, obtaining an Associates degree in Digital Graphic Arts. Since then I have been using my computer and design knowledge to expand my artistic capabilities and further my self-started business.  


A few years ago, I started drawing portraits of family and friends for free, as a way of practice and to expose my skills and eventually make money. At the time, it was just a hobby. I've always loved art and it had a natural talent for it, but it was through drawing people that I saw my true potential.


"It felt like I found an undiscovered talent, only it was there all along. I came to really love drawing people. Everyone has a unique look. Through people and nature, I see the artwork of God, where my skills comes from. I only recreate his work on paper." - Artist Tiffany Anderson 

My biggest creation yet is my charcoal portrait of Marvin Gaye.

It is 36 inches by 55 inches (3 feet by 4.5 feet). It was drawn over the course of 2 months, taking around a total of 46 hours to complete. After this, I realized there were no limits.


I believe that your dream career can be your reality and that if you strongly excel in that field, even if the odds against you, you should put everything into making that your career. Nothing is impossible.

"Every Good and Perfect Gift is from Above" James 1:17
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