A black woman with intelligence is dangerous, sunflower and lashes and afro graduation cap custom de
Art sale at traders village, hyperrealistic portraits by artist Tiffany Anderson
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Speaking at Hazel Harvey peace elementary school for career day
Hand drawn hyperrealistic portrait of barrack obama in charcoal pencil
mayweather vs mcgreggor ufc fight portrait drawn with charcoal pencil playing card style
tiffany kelly
Lenora Rolla Heritage Museum exhibit 2017 Tiffany anderson next to her portrait of maya angelou
hyperrealistic portrait of frederick douglas drawn with charcoal pencil
hyper realistic waterfall scene drawn with colored pencil



"Every Good and Perfect Gift is from Above" 
 James 1:17

I am a self-taught Artist, Graphic Designer, and entrepreneur. I grew up in Columbia Maryland, graduated high school in 2015, and moved to Fort Worth, Texas where I began my art and design career. I graduated from Remington college in January 2018, obtaining my Associates degree in Digital Graphic Arts. Since then I have been using my computer and design knowledge to expand my artistic capabilities and further my self-started business. It was here that I discovered and started cultivating my artistic talents.

I began drawing portraits of family, friends, and celebrities I admired. At the time, it was just a hobby. I've always loved art and had a natural talent for it, but it was through my realistic portraits that I started to see my true potential. It felt like I found an undiscovered talent, only it had been there all along. I came to really love drawing people. 

Through my art, I highlight the work of the greatest artist of all time, my Creator, by capturing every individual detail I see, because It’s The Little Things in life we tend to overlook. My portraits aim to recreate this beauty and highlight every unique feature in my subjects. Through people and nature, I see the artwork of God, the source of my everything.

Artist and model Tiffany Anderson sitting for portrait shot
Tiffany Artwork  |  Columbia, Maryland  | info@tiffanyartwork.com

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