This was my first juried art show and such a great experience. 2 years prior I thought I was joining the military. I had a reality check that made me do a 360 and I found myself creating art instead. 

It wasn’t until I drew these 3 portraits (Maya Angelou, Frederick Douglas, and Nelson Mandela) for this artshow that I saw my true talent and potential as an Artist. 

I had just been doing quick, small sized portraits in my free time prior, but for this show, they had to be better than my usual. I prayed God would guide me to make these pieces my best and they were in fact drastically better than any I had yet done. In addition, I finished them in the same amount of time it’d normally take me to do sizes that were even smaller. It was after creating these that I realized I could do and be so much more than I knew and I thank God for revealing that to me. 

We are all given gifts strategically and for a purpose- nothing is coincidental. Many of us may have undiscovered talents, or maybe could be underestimating the ones we do have. Sometimes it just takes a little faith. 

"Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:17

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