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Bleed The Same, 16x20, Colored Pencil, 2022

Frame included.

I started this drawing in 2020. That year was chaotic as we all know and I wanted to create something that would be a symbol of hope and healing. The way we were always told to wash our hands while so many issues and things were coming to the surface. The way we are actually all one even though we’ve become so divided and separate… With lives being lost and so much racial tension in so many ways, I just wanted this to be a message of hope, the process of healing, and to represent that we are all human, all should be treated equally, all bleed the same blood, and most importantly, all come from one heart.


The purchasing of this piece would hugely support my art business and allow me to really set aside time to focus on creating more original pieces as well as continue to invest more into my art career.

Bleed The Same, 16x20, Colored Pencil

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